Revisiting Learning Goals Post #5

Blog Post #5
At this point, I am on target with my learning goals, which are 1. Learn more about how to gather credible information from digital sources 2. Learn how to transfer this knowledge to students 3. Become more skilled in Web 2.0 tools 4. Learn how to share Web 2.0 knowledge with other learners so that they might use them to share, collaborate, and create. Learning about the Filter Bubble, Google tools, Web 2.0 tools and actually applying what I have learned has helped me tremendously. I am a hands-on and visual learner, so the use of YouTube videos, slideshows, and application will get me close to mastery level on my learning goals for this class. I truly enjoyed the information on the growth mindset and fixed mindset. I think I have a little of both. I have never been able to accomplish mathematical goals because I had a fixed mindset in this area; however, I can see where I had a growth mindset in the areas of literature and creative projects. I think the growth mindset that I have was promoted by parents and teachers. I only wish that growth mindset for mathematics had been instilled in me as well. Now that I know I can change my own mindset, I am going to try to adapt a growth mindset in all areas of my life! As far as information fluency skills, I do not know a great deal, however with a growth mindset, I can now say, “I don’t know a great deal about information fluency skills YET!” I have to have the positive mindset that I can, I will, and it is possible for me to learn new concepts. Strategies for developing my own growth mindset: 1. Create a learning goals chart for myself; 2. Ask for feedback on my work; 3. View challenge and new material as positive rather than negative—an opportunity for personal growth rather than intimidation
I am currently not in the classroom. I am at home with my children and going to school. I plan to instill the growth-mindset in my children, my husband, myself, and when I go back in the classroom or library—my students. Wow, I wish I had known about the growth mindset when I was in the classroom. Great information!!

One thought on “Revisiting Learning Goals Post #5

  1. The three strategies that you developed for yourself sound like that will put you on the right track to achieving your growth mindset.

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