The Filter Bubble- Post #3

Digital searching– it is a way of life. Information is readily at our fingertips 24/7. From doing a Google search for recipe ingredients in a grocery store to doing a quick search of the weather forecast, we are searchers. My family and I are in constant search of information: local history, sports, pop culture, AR books, and health just to name a few topics. I was not born after 1993; in fact, I graduated high school in 1994, but I am a digital searcher. Those days of looking topics up in the hardback encyclopedia are gone for the most part. I feel like a am pretty savvy searcher. I taught English for twelve years; having students do research was of course part of the curriculum. Use of print and non-print resources was a requirement, and I really worked with my students on how to obtain accurate, reliable information. And as always, the more we teach, the more we learn. I’m careful consider something to be hard facts unless I’ve checked sources. Is the health information I’m reading from a reliable source or is it an opinion from someone’s blog? While checking accuracy and reliability is our responsibility, apparently there is another looming problem: the filter bubble. It seems we might be trapped in a filter bubble, AND we might not be searching in the most efficient in reliable manner. I was quite shocked after The Filter Bubble Ted talk! I even called my husband in the room to watch it again with me! While I know the computer knows your personality when it comes to ads, I had no idea searches are biased, too! While I love Google and its tools, I think might also be an option for me, and I will certainly want to convey this to my students. Using curation tools and responsible searching techniques are vital skills for our society; we must become and create responsible digital citizens. Here are a few helpful links with tips and information on this:

Happy searching!

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