Information Fluency and Inquiry Post #2

A response to a video (InfoWhelm) and  My Daily Info-Wrangling Routine, Creating Classrooms We Need, and The Journey from Digital Literacy to Digital Fluency….

After viewing the video and reading the assigned blog posts, I found the commonality to be growth through information, information analysis, and information sharing.  Whether you are a digital novice or a digital expert, there is an abundance of information available 24/7 and numerous outlets for sharing. Not only does the above mentioned process help expand the mind of the non-teaching individual, but the process is essential for today’s teachers and students.  I found the blog post “Creating Classrooms We Need: 8 Ways Into Inquiry Learning” to have so much valuable information.  I loved the section ” Teachers Teach Kids, Not Subjects” because it is so true.  In today’s data driven/test focused educational system, sometimes we lose sight of this.  If we teach students and allow them to experiment, create, and investigate use digital and non-digital methods, we are on the right track.  I think the key is to teach ourselves and to teach students to be responsible digital investigators, teach them to analyze their findings, and make them proficient in some of the many wonderful ways to share what they learned.

As far as my learning goals, I was able to the author of ” The Journey from Digital Literacy to Digital Fluency.” I’m glad to know there are others who are  still learning and mastering the tools of the digital world.  There’s still hope for me!

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