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My name is Bethany Lucas, and I am the author of this site. I live in a small town located in Harris County. Harris County is a rural county located just a few minutes north of Columbus.  It is a wonderful place to live and raise a family; I grew up here, taught here, and currently serve on my local Board of Education. I am a graduate of Columbus State University, where I obtained a BS in Secondary English Education.  I am also hold a Gifted Education endorsement.  I have taught both middle school and high school English. I was an English teacher for twelve years, and I then decided to go on a seven year hiatus to be home with my children and go back to school to get my Master’s degree; additionally, I am working toward my online teaching endorsement.  This school year I got an unexpected opportunity to start my career as a media specialist at Dorothy Height Elementary School.  It has been quite a difficult challenge trying to work, go to school, raise a family, and serve on the Board of Education.  I have always loved children and education– especially reading and writing.  Being a media specialist allows me to share my love of literacy with children.  My graduate courses have prepared me in some ways for this new career; since I decided to use this new as my practicum experience, I had to teach myself a great deal.  However, I must say the key assessments and required tasks were very  helpful in my understanding of how teaching and learning should look to a library media specialist.  These assessments and tasks also helped me to understand the five roles as a media specialist. I must say, I have grown a tremendous amount this school year. To navigate my portfolio, simply click on each tab to get to that page.  Scroll down to view the contents and click, click on hyperlinks within texts and enlarge embedded items when possible. Enjoy!

Practicum Hours:

 Primary Site  Dorothy Height Elementary  2, 640 hours  Sept 22, 2017-April 2018
 Secondary Site  Blackmon Road Middle School   8 hours  November 9, 2017
 Tertiary Site  Harris County High School  8 hours  November 6, 2017





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