Digital Learning Environments

The purpose of this repository is to curate, create, and display information that is relevant to the Digital Learning Environments class. Assignments, links, videos will be posted on this website, which is in a blog format. I chose to continue using my existing blog as I am familiar with the “back office” and how to use it and it lends itself to dialogue and discourse with others via a comments section.

My name is Bethany Lucas and I am the author of this site. and I live in a small town located in Harris County. Harris County is a rural county located just a few minutes north of Columbus.  It is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. I grew up here, and love living here.  It is composed of several small towns, but we all come together as “The County.”  Harris County is the home of Callaway Gardens, FDR State Park, and an amazing school system.  We have one high school, one middle school, one intermediate schools, and four elementary schools. We all come together to support our Harris County Tigers.

I am married 15 years with children. My children keep us very busy with their activities and assignments, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.I am currently not teaching.  I was an ELA teacher for twelve years, having taught both middle and high school.

I decided to take a break from teaching to spend more time with my young children and pursue my Master’s degree. I am a member of the Harris County Board of Education; I am served for six years.  I really enjoy bringing an educator’s perspective to the table as well as seeing things from the “other side.”  Because I have not been in the classroom for six years, I am a bit “out of the loop” on classroom technology, and there has been a significant learning curve, but I am managing well.

I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, writing, traveling, event-planning, and creating with my Cricut machine. I also like to snow ski, swim, and do research.

I hope to be back in the classroom or a media center within the next two years. I will finish this program in the fall and have enjoyed it immensely.

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